The Hindu Belief System

One of the most fascinating religions of this country is the system of worship attributed to four out of five people. Hinduism is a faith that encompasses many different gods, and it has long been a staple part of the culture of this vast country. While it is said to be a religion of many deities, they are all part of the whole. Each person is also said to contain a part of their deity, and their souls are immortal.

Reincarnation is a fundamental belief of the Hindus, and they look forward to living each life as they move through time. Outsiders might believe they are callous about the death of others, but their belief system teaches them that each person will go through many different lives before they reach their final goal. A death is less about losing a life than it is about progressing to the next level, so it is seen as an opportunity to progress.

The final goal of each immortal soul is to achieve darhma, and it can only be done through recognizing the truth of reality. It might seem an easy goal for those outside the religion, but reality for a Hindu practitioner involves understanding that the world of here and now is nothing more than an illusion. God, to them, is an unending wheel. Their goal is to be able to see, feel and experience being a part of it.

Practicing Hindus believe it takes many lifetimes for them to progress to the point where they can become one with the reality of the universe, and they have a firm belief that there is an underlying social order to the universe. Once they have realized their goal, they may choose to remain part of the universal wheel, or they may spend time helping others achieve the same goal.