The Jains

One of the ancient religions of India is Jainism, and it is unique among a world of religious beliefs. There is no god within their religion, and they expect no outside assistance when things go wrong in their life. Their goal is to be victorious as they navigate through many lifetimes, and they believe that living right will eventually lead them to the correct path. The followers of this unique religion have only three basic tenets to follow, but they must work hard to reach their final goal.

The three important beliefs of Jainism are right belief, right knowledge and right conduct. These are their guiding principles on how to act in life, and following them will eventually erase the bad karma they might have picked up in previous lives. Their cycles of birth and rebirth are said to be ruled by the work they did in previous lives, and they will eventually reach their goal if they follow these three rules correctly in each life.

While they are a minority, their religion is a recognized one. Jains do live with a particular set of beliefs, and the supreme one is that violence for any reason is to be avoided. They are also vegetarians, and they do not drink alcohol because fermentation is a process that it not strictly vegetarian. Their lack of violence and vegetarianism also lead to the belief they should do no harm, so some wear masks to avoid harming anything living in the air they breathe.

This is a religion that has no fundamental connection with the violence in the world today, and it focuses solely on the progress of its own members. While they might seem isolated due to their beliefs, many Jains are prominent members of their society. Their religious beliefs do not create situations where isolation from the general population is a necessity, and they interact well with others.