The Sikhs

Originally founded in India, the religion of the Sikhs is closely related to both Hinduism and Buddhism. It has been referenced as the sword of the Hindus, but those who practice it believe they are not a part of that religion. They are monotheistic, and hold firm to the belief that there is only one god. Unlike those around them, they believe they will only achieve their religious goals through their hard work and the help of their deity.

Reincarnation is part of their belief system, but their rules for existence in this reality are very strict. They do not cut their hair as it is seen to be a sin to deny the beauty their god has created, and they do not believe in becoming intoxicated in any way. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol are forbidden to all who choose to practice their religion. It is a religion of people who are willing to be taught, and it encompasses the ideals of equality and justice for all. Retribution and revenge are not acceptable, and leaving behind hate and prejudice is an important part of their religious goals. While they do not actively recruit others to join their religion, they are unopposed to outsiders practicing it no matter their age or gender.